Accounts & Payment Branch

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Functions of the Department of Accounts & Payments

  • Giving financial related information to the higher management. 
  • Keeping the cash book of Southern Province Fund Account, issuing stamp fees and court fines.
  • Maintaining capital grants and providing reports coordinate with provincial headings about capital grants.
  • Preparing provincial treasury reports.
  • Preparing the Southern Provincial fund account and maintaining other records related to the fund account.
  • Keeping the government officers advance account and settling the loan balances of transferred government officers by using transfer orders.
  • Keeping Revenue accounts, revenue refund, advanced accounts debit credit reports, and duties about W & OP fund.
  • Updating the provincial treasuries Web Site.
  • Duties relevant to the southern provincial bank accounts and forwarding final accounts of government officer’s advance account to the audit.
  • Preparing the classifications, Pro-poor development fund and keeping the account of ESDP and specific projects.



Director (Accounts & Payments)

Tel:091-4946972 (Director)

     091-4944005 (Branch)