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Functions of the Budget Department

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statement.
  • Preparation of Appropriation Statute.
  • Activities of Supplementary Estimates.
  • Budgetary Management and Control.
  • Transfer of Allocations.
  • Keeping Cadre details and Cadre Control.
  • Collecting and analyzing of Budget data.
  • Obtaining and checking of Estimates.
  • Holding of Budget & Planning Committees.
  • Deciding and allocating of Capital & Recurrent Expenditure.
  • Budget discussions
  • Issuing of warrants.
  • Presenting of Vote on Accounts.
  • Obtaining of Information of the priorities of National Policies and Planning
  • Obtaining and maintaining of Provincial Plans, Objectives, Goals and Performances
  • Activities in respect of Excesses in Expenditure, and Variations of the Advance Accounts limits.
  • Obtaining the forecast of the exceeding and non-reaching to the budget limits.
  • Amendment of the Advance Accounts Limits.
  • Preparation of Revenue Estimates.
  • Amendment of Revenue Estimates.
  • Progress review of Revenue
  • Preparation of Revenue Reports.
  • Obtaining and analyzing of revenue data.
  • Collecting of Revenue.
  • Preparing and maintaining of Revenue Accounts.
  • Accounting of Arrears on revenue. 


Mrs. Dhammika Ranasinghe

Director (Budget)

Tel : 091-2246902