Management Development and Training Unit


Create a strong Public Service with knowledge, skills and attitudes through providing trainings, advisory services, information and research to successfully face the challenges of the 21st Century.


Provide an efficient and an effective service to the people of the Southern Province by providing trainings to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the officers of the provincial public service.


  • Prepare a formal training plan by identifying the training needs of the officers of the Provincial Public Service.
  • Conduct training programmes in the annual training plan.
  • Carryout follow-up activities regarding the training programme held.
  • Select Officers for training courses conducts by national level training  institutes.
  • Select officials for foreign scholarships sent by External Resource Department.
  • Take actions to use the knowledge of the officers who follow local  and foreign training programmes for the development of the province.
  • Develop human and physical resources to sufficiently use the financial provisions allocated for the training courses.
  • Conduct Tamil Language courses and other courses for government officials which aimed the examinations of the Central government.
  • Strengthen the administrative system through providing educational research and advisory services.

Use the Institute of Management Development & Training, Wakwella, to conduct training programmes organized by the Central Government, Provincial Council and Private sector.


Mrs.K.G.P.Poornima Abeysirigunawardhana


Tel - +94-91-2235386