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 Annual Transfer

How can I transfer within the Southern Provincial Council?
Annual transfers are granted by the Chief Secretary’s office. The procedure is as follows:
Application in six copies in terms of Public Administration Circular 25/91 should be sent a chief secretary through your respective Head of Departments.
  1. Receipt of applications for inter-provincial transfers.
  2. Check whether the required number of copies are available.
  3. Check whether recommendations of respective Heads of Departments are available.
  4. Submission to the Public Service Commission together with the chief secretary’s recommendation.
  5. Action to release the officer on receipt of the agreement.
Annual Transfer Process
  1. Inviting applications for annual transfers
  2. Separation of transfer application according to the period of service
  3. Period of more than 05 years service in one place
  4. Registration
  5. Summon Transfer Boards
  6. Nomination of officers qualified for granting transfers
  7. Sending letters ordering transfers
  8. Submission of appeals
  9. Summoning an Appeal Board.
  10. Taking decisions on appeal
  11. Issuing transfer orders again