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 Annual Transfer

How can I transfer within the Southern Provincial Council?
Annual transfers are granted by the Chief Secretary’s office. The procedure is as follows:
Application in six copies in terms of Public Administration Circular 25/91 should be sent a chief secretary through your respective Head of Departments.
  1. Receipt of applications for inter-provincial transfers.
  2. Check whether the required number of copies are available.
  3. Check whether recommendations of respective Heads of Departments are available.
  4. Submission to the Public Service Commission together with the chief secretary’s recommendation.
  5. Action to release the officer on receipt of the agreement.
Annual Transfer Process
  1. Inviting applications for annual transfers
  2. Separation of transfer application according to the period of service
  3. Period of more than 05 years service in one place
  4. Registration
  5. Summon Transfer Boards
  6. Nomination of officers qualified for granting transfers
  7. Sending letters ordering transfers
  8. Submission of appeals
  9. Summoning an Appeal Board.
  10. Taking decisions on appeal
  11. Issuing transfer orders again

 Foreign Leave

How should I obtain foreign leave approval?
  1. Approval of leave to be spent abroad - Application for leave should be forwarded together with the recommendations of the relevent officials and Secretary to the Ministry.
  2. Refer papers to Chief Secretary for recommendation of foreign leave.
  3. On receipt of the Chief Secretaryrecommendation Hon. Governors will approve the leave
  4. In case of foreign study tours, a report is to be submitted within one month after completion of the tour.
Documents to be submitted for approving foreign leave

If you are intend to participate a foreign training programme
  • The letter summoning for the foreign training
  • 3 copies of Gen 126 form.
  • Letter of courent for covering up duties.
  • It the period of stay abroad is more than one month, the agreement as per Establishments Code.
  • The agreement to be signed by officer who receive full pay study leave in terms of section 14.4 of chapter XII and section 4.12 of chapter EV
  • Agreement to be signed by officers who receive no pay leave in terms of section 16.5 of chapter XII and section 5.1 of chapter XV
  • The agreement to be signed by officers who receive no pay leave to go abroad for the dual purpose of study and employment in terms of section 16.5 in chapter XII.
  • In case of officers on probation the bond (appendix 15) in terms of section 4.12 in chapter XV.
  • The letter by the hosting person/Institute/Government.
For participation in a private foreign tour
  • Form Gen 126 in triplicate
  • Letter of consent for covering up duties.
  • In case the period of stay abroad is more than one month, the agreement in terms of the Establishments code.
  • Officers who receive No Pay leave for a paid assignment abroad / employment abroad, the agreement in terms of section 16.5 of chapter XII
Procedure for the approval of foreign 

On receipt of on application for approval of foreign leave.
  • Should check whether all the required documents are available.
  • Whether the recommendation of foreign leave in form general 126 has been taken place correctly should be checked.
  • Should check whether the relevant agreement has been filled correctly and duly signed.
With when the agreement should be entered into
  • Officers in the islandwide services – With the Chief Secretary, Southern Province
  • Other Officers – With the Secretary to the Ministry
  • Officers who do not fall under the Ministries – With chief Secretary , Southern Province.
  • When these requirements are completed approval of the Chief Secretary, should be obtained for preparing letters to obtain the Hon. Governor’s approval.
  • On receipt of the Chief Secretary’s approval, relevant letters, should be sent to the Governor’s Secretary to obtain Hon. Governor’s approval.
  • On receipt of the Hon. Governor’s approval, application should be referred to the Chief Secretary for his approval on receipt of which the applicant should be informed that leave to go abroad has been approved.