Statistics Branch

The Statistical Division provides statistical information for making correct decisions in the development process of the Southern Province and conducts important surveys on the timely needs of the Southern Province.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Providing accurate statistics for a Prosperous Southern Province.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Provide accurate statistical information through data collection, reporting ,sorting and analysis.

Our Achivements

Our Values or Achivements

Efficient and effective use of resources, Equity, Transparency, Communication, Performance.

Division main Functions

Preparation of Annual Statistical Thesis

Creatively present important information of Southern Province

Updating Provincial Council Staff Information

Preparation of the telephone directory containing the telephone numbers of the staff officers in the Southern Province.

Preparing statistical data sheet (in English)

Update of staff information of the Chief Secretary's Office, Southern Province.

Annual and Half yearly Public Servant Information Survey conducted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Diviosion Future plan .....

Establish a web page for the Statistics section using Google Forms and facilitate on-line data entry for all agencies.

Facilitate online use of static Thesis person who wish to statistics.

Creating charts and tables in attractive colors and sizes using 3D technology and LED illumination.

Dissemination of vital statistics of the Southern Province through a Television Screen media.

Facilitate access to on-line computer technology to collect data through forms and to facilitate access to all aspects of data.

Statistics Information, Download & Others

Statistics Branch Staff