Values & Responsibilities and roles

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To ensure equity in resource utilization and resource allocation

Efficiency and effectiveness

To be efficient and effective in providing services.


To be transparent in accordance with accepted rules and regulations.


Participate in building effective relationships in decision making and decision making.


Ensure effective use of responsiveness in meeting client requirements.


Work effectively with stakeholders and maximize the use of ICT effectively.


Ensuring continuous improvement of work efficiency within minimum period of time.

    Responsibilities and roles

  • Carrying out the administrative functions of the province.
  • Formulate corporate actions for planning and program coordination
  • Provide guidance in making decisions on provincial development strategies, regional development plan planning and work coordination arrangements.
  • Provide guidance for decentralized planning, budgeting and program coordination.
  • Revenue and other government charging, collection, centralization and supervision.
  • Establish and implement financial and accounting systems with the objective of accounting to the Provincial Fund with regard to the Provincial Fund, and the administration of the funds relating to the use of funds, Trust, Security, Coordination, Disposal and Accounting.
  • Management of financials and setting priorities, issuing advice on financial administration, supervising and conducting centralized accounts and conducting internal audit and audit investigations.
  • Introducing and developing new techniques for administration, financial management and development strategy through training of various levels of officers in the provincial council, organizing course editing conferences.
  • Rural Development through Creating Agricultural Value Chain (Value Addition to Livestock Product.
  • Implementation of Accounts Control and Accounting Procedures for Ministries and Departments while maintaining the Treasury of the Province.
  • Personnel management and centralized supervision.
  • Tropical Medicine, Community Healthcare & Research From 25th Feb. to 16th March 2020 Thailand.
  • To build, maintain, repair and provide supervisory and consultancy services within the Southern Province.