Account and Payment Department

The Department of Accounts and Payments has been established under the Provincial Treasury for the purpose of financial management activities of the Southern Provincial Council.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Achivements

Our Achivements

Department Main Functions

Provision of Accounting support to the provincial organizations for execution of the provincial budget.

Maintenance of accounting data-base by collecting data from all accounting units for generation of statistical information.

Describe and interpret statistics for decision making to entrance timeliness on accounting reporting and quality on financial information therein.

Development, maintenance and implementation support of accounting information automatically in related electronic formats.

Ensuring accountability and transparency for public financial management.

Department Future Plan

Services Citizen Chart

Issuing of imprest Cheques - 3 days

Certifying the official banking model signatures and sending to the banks - 3 days.

Referring Account Summary Reports To The Internet - On the 20th of next month

Formats, Circulars Download & Others

Account & Payment Department Staff