Supply Branch

Purchasing in accordance with the National Procurement guideline.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Prosperous southern province, through the meaning full procurement.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main aim is to achieve the process of the procurement through the value for Money Transparency Accountability, Fairness, Equal opportunity and Development of the local business.

Our Achivements

Our Achivements

web base supply regeistetion for southern province.

Division Main Functions

Procurement related activities in accordance with the National Procurement guideline .

Diviosion Future Plan

Procurement activities Using modern technology (E-procurement, e – Purchasing, e- payment).

Services Citizen Chart

Achieve Procurement plan through comportive bedding procede. - As per Procurement plan

repair and maintance machining and other quipment - 3 days.

Emerganiey Procurement - 7 days.

Supply Section Procuments, Circulars, Downloards & Other

Supply Branch Staff