Finance Department

Responding to Audit queries of Ministries /Departments /Divisional Secretariats /Local Authorities implementing Government payments / Allowance, circulars to provincial Councils. Approval of staff officers Day pay. Gazette Notifications published in Government Gazette. Deduction of damages from books under Southern Provincial Council Responding to the draft Auditor General’s report. Oobtaining the Treasury approval for vehicle purchase Approval for payments in previous years under FR 64

Our Vision

Our Vision

providing assistance to create a Southern province with a financial discipline.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing necessary guidance, financial regulation and consultancy services for the proper functioning of the Ministries, Departments and statutory boards established in the southern province.

Our Achivements

Our Achivements

justification, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Transparency, Responsiveness, Communicative, Functionality

Department Main Functions

The process of submmiting answers to the national audit office .

Department Future Plan

To minimize audit Queries there for Follow up meeting for outstanding Queries of ministries / Department.

Services Citizen Chart

To publish in the Government Gazatte the provincial Council Gazattce notifications offered to Government printing. - 3 Weeks

To approve days’ pay of executive officer (If the application is Completive ) - 3 Weeks.

To Grant approval to payment vouchers under F.L 64 (F.R.115) - 3 Weeks.

To appoint procurement committees - 3 Weeks

To approve boards of survey 0f provincial Ministries. - 3 Weeks

To grant approval for various allowances (If all the documents to be referral to Hon’.Governor is Completed). - 3 Weeks

To answer the Auditor Generals annual report. - 3 Weeks

Finance Department Circulars, Advice letters, Gazettes & Downloards

Finance Department Staff