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Chief Secretary’s Office (Background)

Chief Secretary’s Office in Southern Provincial Council is located in the Galle town, the capital of the Southern Province.

 The district of Galle which consists of attractive beaches, Sinharaja Tropical rain forest being a world heritage, ramparts remaining as the ruins of colonization and the Galle port on the sea route connecting the Western and the Eastern countries.

The Chief Secretary’s Office, the centre for administration of the institutions of the Southern Provincial Council ensures the proper discharge of functions by the Provincial Ministries, Departments and Authorities in terms of the powers vested in the Southern Provincial Council under the thirteenth amendment to the constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, coordinates the programs of those institutions, develop financial and physical resources and to carry out human resource management and training.

The responsibilities and powers to exercise direct supervisory functions in this Centre for administration lies with the Chief Secretary. His Excellency the President appoints Chief Secretary with the consent of the Chief Minister of the Province under section 31 of the Provincial Councils Act No.42 of 1987. Accordingly the Chief Secretary discharge direct supervisory functions in the following divisions.