Personnel Branch

Personnel branch is responsible for coordinating Human Resource Management of Southern Provincial council including Cadre Management, Recruitment, Placement, Foreign Leaves & Disciplinary Administration

Our Vision

Our Vision

To become a prosperous Southern Province through Human Resource Management.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enhance economic and social development of southern province through effective and efficient human resource management.

Our Achivements

Our Achivements

Justification, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Transparency, Responsiveness, Communicative, Functionality

Recruitment & Placement

Getting approval to fill vacancies from Hon. Governor, Department of Management Service & Provincial Public Service Commission

Recruitment of Public Management Service, Development Officer, KKS, Drivers, IT Officer, Audit Officer

Making recommendation on transfers, Appointing placement of All island services.

Making recommendations on re employment of retired officers.

Making recommendation on inter provincial transfers

Maintaining Provincial cadre information

Coordinating all Southern Province institutes on cadre reviews

Recommending to create, suppress & revise cadre

Submission of updated cadre information to relevant authorities.

Making recommendation on recruitment & promotional procedure of southern provincial institutes .

Disciplinary Administration

Handling formal disciplinary actions, issuing charge sheets, appointing inquiry officers, prosecuting officers, defending officers, imposing punishments

Handling matters relating to appeals against Vacation of Post (VOP)

Making necessary assistance for inquiries & inspections by Ombudsman, PPSC, Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption, Public Petitions Committee, Parliament Presidential Inquiry unit, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

Training & Development

Direct staff of chief secretariat for the training programs conducted by Management Development Training Institute, Southern Province.

Granting approval for foreign duty leaves

Granting approval to release allocation for Post graduate degree programmes as per the service minute requirement

Working on foreign scholarships and foreign tours.

Direct officers for training programs conducted by other training agencies, universities etc.

Persional Branch Staff