Legal Branch

Advise and represent legal issues and disputes in Southern province

Our Vision

Our Vision

Enforce the rule of the law with exemplary service of the outhern Province

Our Mission

Our Mission

Offer our clients first class value added legal assistance and solution to the provincial legal matters and disputes.

Our Achivements

Our Achivements

Drafted and passed over 45 statutes for the region.Accomplished 100% progress on Drafting and attesting Lease agreeme, 13 new provincial statutes drafted and 8 statutes were amended

Division Main Functions

Provide legal portrayal for the legal disputes for Ministries, Departments and Institutions of the Southern Provincial Council.

Provide legitimate exhortation to each issue received by provincial institutions, departments and Authorities.

Make statutes for the Southern Provincial Council and provide further legitimate counsel in respect of the statutes.

Diviosion Future Plan

Make statutes for each subject reserved for Provincial Councils under the 13th Amendment of the Constitution.

Exellarate to reduce the provincial legal matters by presenting legal assistance and solutions.

Conduct research and examine of legal issues for Southern Province Council

Legal Section Staff