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Mayurapura Holiday Resort

  • Mayurapura holiday resort is managed under the direct supervision of the Chief Secretary of the Southern Province. It is also a government institution that can house government staff officers on duty as well as on excursions focusing on new development projects in Hambantota.
  • Built with easy access to new resorts in the southern city, this resort is one of the most affordable resorts for your vacation and work.
  • We also emphasize that it is the responsibility of all of you who use the resort to take care of and maintain all the goods and environment of this resort as our common property.

  • Facilities of Boogahapalessa holiday resort

  • Air Conditioned Rooms - 05 / VIP Rooms 02 / Safe Parking

  • Fees for rooms and other facilities

  • Facilities are available for staff officers and public representatives.
  • Air conditioning rooms - double 1000 / =, triple 1500 / =

  • Fees for rooms and other facilities

  • Fees vary depending on the number of officers and other persons serving in the Southern Provincial Council and the number of persons residing.
  • Normal room - Rs. 700 / = to 1500 / =

  • Locations within easy reach of the resort

  • Dry Zone Botanic Garden - 5km
  • Mirijjawila Bird Park - 10km
  • Ridiyagama Safari Park - 25km
  • Madunagala Hot Springs - 25km

  • For all reservations and more information

  • Chief Secretary's Office - Southern Province The. H. Dahanayake Mawatha, Galle Office: 091 4944010/091 4946365 Resort Guardian (Milan): 047 2222944/071 6063188 Subject Officer (Pubudu): 071 8065318