Department of Budget

The Department of Budget is responsible for sound and efficient use of provincial financial resources for development. Proper use of financial resources is essential in implementing development strategies.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a prosperous southern province through effective & efficiency budget management

Division Mission

Division Mission

from effective & efficient utilization of financial resources to uplift Economic & Social Development of Southern province through better Budget management.

Our Division Achievement / Values

Our Division Achievement / Values

Justification / Efficiency/ Effectiveness/ Transparency/Responsiveness/ Communication/ Functionality

Division main Functions

Preparation of Annual Financial Statement

Preparation of Appropriation Statute

Activities of Supplementary Estimates

Budgetary Management and Control

Holding of Budget & Planning Committees

Deciding and allocating of Capital & Recurrent Expenditure

Budget discussions

Issuing of warrants

Presenting of Vote on Accounts

Obtaining of Information of the priorities of National Policies and –Planning

Obtaining and maintaining of Provincial Plans, Objectives, Goals and – Performances

Activities in respect of Excesses in Expenditure, and Variations of the -Advance Accounts limits.

Division Future Plan

Reduction of Supplementary Estimates & FR 30 Transfers Through Accurate budget controlling, Improve Effectiveness & Efficiency of Budget division procedures, Establish the budget controlling unit digitalization

Services Provided

Presenting of accurate supplement estimates to cabinet - Within two weeks

Preparing of warrants - Before December 31 on Every year

Presenting of completed estimate formats to the finance commission for recommendations - Before July 31 on Every year

Directing correct stamp duty schedules to accounts and payments department for provisioning - Within 2 weeks received

Directing correct court fine schedules to accounts and payments department for provisioning - Within 3 days received

Preparing of southern provincial financial statement - Before November 30th on Every year

Preparing of annual cadre report - Before November 30th on Every year

Preparing of Annual Revenue Account - Before February 28th on Every year

Preparing of annual performance report - Before May 31st on Every year

Prepared quarterly financial review report - Within two months after quarter

Preparing southern provincial annual budget speach - Before November 30th on Every year

F.R 30 Transfers - Get approval Within one week received application

Create new votes - Condition consider within 3 days

Officers of Budget Department